Party Toys


To make having a party more fun - and less of a stress - we have some great party toys you can hire from us. 


There is no restriction on the number of items or the frequency of borrowing of these items.

  • Roller Coaster (18 months - 4 years)  $15 per week
  • Junior Activity Gym (18 months - 4 years)  $10 per week
  • Trio Light Rocker (12 months - 18 months) $5 per week
  • Activity Garden (12 months - 2 years)  $10 per week
  • See Through Tunnel (18 months - 3 years)  $10 per week
  • Parachute (Suits ages 3 years+)  $5 per week



Activity Garden

Roller Coaster

Trio Light Rocker

Junior Activity Gym

Great Party Ideas


Click here to have a look at our great parties ideas for 1-6 year olds 


Below are some great birthday pointers to keep in mind.  

  • Keeping the numbers fairly small means that you (and therefore your child) will enjoy the day more.
  • The duration of the party is perhaps the one area you can control fairly easily.  Keeping it short, say an hour and a half for ages 1 to 4, two hours for ages 5 to 6, takes your child’s needs into account as well as celebrating their special day.
  • 5 and 6 year olds will enjoy being part of making or writing invitations, perhaps writing their friends' names and their own name.  For the enthusiastic involve your child in doing thank you letters too. 
  • Include your child by hand delivering the invitations in person or posting them into the letterbox. (Rather than handing them out at Playgroup, Kinder, Child Care or School)
  • When having a group of children at your home, safety is of course paramount.  Check gates and fences are secure and that the area can be enclosed.  Remove any potential hazards from the house or garden and check any equipment being used is safe.  Make sure there are no hot drinks.  Parents can survive for 2 hours without one! And of course adequate adult supervision is essential!
  • Boxed, named pre-organised food in little boxes or containers can free you up to supervise, play games and relax and enjoy!  An example box could be:  a labelled drink, tiny sandwich triangles, a small chipolata sausage, a piece of fairy bread, a few strawberries, orange segments. Children could sit picnic style to eat or in a circle on little cushions.
  • Paper or cellophane bags can be used as take home lolly bags.  They can be decorated with stickers and personalised with a name too.  


Importantly, don’t feel you have to do everything!

Keep it simple so that your child enjoys his/her special day.





Borrowing Hours:

Thursday - 9am to 12 pm

Friday  - 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm

Saturday - 9am to 1pm