Ensure your child has the right toy for their developmental stage so that they learn more and you have more fun playing with them!


We give quality advice about what toys will most benefit children at each developmental step.  Beyond offering our hundreds of toys, puzzles and games, we share play ideas about imaginative ways to play with your child with things you already have at home.



Save money- by reducing the need to buy new toys that will only be used for a short period in your child’s life. A recent survey "found that British families spend more than £10,000 ($AUD15,000) on toys before their child turns 19” and that two thirds of toys in a typical home were not being played with#. By using the Toy library you will have access to the best toys at each developmental stage without needing to buy them.



Remove clutter of unused toys at home – you don’t need to store boxes and boxes of toys if you use us! By borrowing a couple of toys each week, your children will be constantly stimulated through creative, engaging play and your home will be less cluttered.


Be more environmental – Borrowing instead of buying means that less energy is used making, transporting and then disposing of toys. Many members tell us that this is their key motivation for belonging to our library.



Feel more connected to the Stonnington community. Through using our library you will meet parents and children who live in your area. As part of ensuring that our services are utilised by the full breadth of the Stonnington community, we welcome all cultures, abilities and backgrounds.


If a family does not feel that they can afford membership, sponsorships are available.



Stonnington Toy Library strives for the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene. All new members are instructed on how to make sure all toys are returned clean and all toys are thoroughly checked each time they are returned for cleanliness and safety.



    Top reasons to join the Stonnington Toy Library

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    From our members


    "Seven years after first visiting,
    I am still constantly impressed by your experienced service and great toys! ...The excitement of choosing toys to borrow and the regular stimulation of 'new' toys are both big benefits of toy libraries. Thank you for being a wonderful community resource! 


    - Rita Mak