Redefining our Brand


The Committee of the Stonnington Toy Library decided a while ago that the visual look and ‘branding’ of the toy library needed updating.


There was a strong feeling that the bright look of the previous visual style and logo was not only messy, but didn’t match with what we believed the Toy Library stood for.


In late 2012, the Committee and Mary then worked to define what that brand actually was – what we stood for, why we existed and what our personality was.


See the final brand definition document here. (2MB PDF)


A New Logo is Created


The key realisation of the brand redefinition process was that we saw the library as a ‘caregiver’ brand. We defined our personality as ‘A compassionate and supportive teacher who wants to nurture the best from her children.”


Mary’s long term involvement in Stonnington Toy Library ensured that her demeanor and compassion strongly influenced the way ended up defining the personality. For many, Mary really is our brand!


From here we briefed our designer and member Tahli Sheperd. Who came up with the new look.


The new logo shows a silhouette of a baby, two small children and an adult playing together. Our new branding presents a caring sense of community, play, and a feeling of childhood innocence.


The colours chosen for the logo and the supporting brand materials reference the simple delight of old worldly picture books – like Betrix Potter.


From Here......


We are updating and redesigning our key marketing materials to fit our new look. But importantly, we are taking the time to ensure that the information we provide members is relevant and up to date.


As part of this we hope to update:

  • Our brochures – including those that are used to market us in Child and Maternal Health Nurse centers and Stonnington Libraries.
  • Our signage – new signage will more clearly indicate to the public who we are, when we are open and will make the library feel more inviting from the outside.


You may have also noticed that we are also using Facebook a lot more and in the future we hope to update the way we communicate with you via eNewsletters. We hope all these ‘digital’ changes will not only enable more clarity and interaction, but will also allow us to be true to our values of being environmentally conscious. 


All questions about or suggestions for improving the marketing and communications for the Stonnington Toy Library can be directed to Kate Hely - our marketing member of the Stonnington Toy Library Committee.



We referenced old worldy picture books to bring to life the 'caregiver' nature of our brand. 

The new definition fo the Stonnington Toy Library brand. 

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