Becoming a Member

Any resident of the City of Stonnington can become a member - this generally includes parents, grandparents or not-for-profit caregivers of children 0-6 years old. 


Membership involves an annual membership fee and four hours of roster duty each year, and some fundraising.

Fees $95 for one child /$50 concession or $135 for a family with more than one child / $70 concession.  If you, or someone you know can't afford that, please speak to us as we have a limited number of sponsorships available.


We also offer one-off borrowing for grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends etc who have children coming to stay with them and want something fantastic they can play with.


It is best to come into the Toy Library to join so we can personally take you through how borrowing works and how to get the most out of your membership.


Pop in, email us on or give us a call on (03) 9500 1673 to talk through becoming a member. 



Losing pieces

We understand that loss and damage can happen – so please don’t worry if you can’t find all the ‘bits’ to the toy you borrowed. It is likely that you will find the missing bits in a few weeks under the couch and can bring it in then! Just let us know when you return your toys if something is missing or broken and we will charge you $1. When you find the missing bit we will refund you. 


Cleaning Toys


We pride ourselves on the clean and well-maintained condition of our toys. All items must be thoroughly cleaned before being returned.


If your child has been unwell, please let us know if they have had an infectious disease, as we take the precaution of removing your returned items from circulation for two weeks. 


Full details about how to clean our toys will be given to you when you join.  We give you a cleaning leaflet for you to refer to at home. 




The Toy Library is funded mainly by members’ subscriptions and fundraising.


Stonnington Toy Library is supported by Stonnington Council, which includes rent-free premises and a grant towards operating costs.


East Malvern Community Bank has funded specific Toy Library projects which is much appreciated. 


John Morrisby, Jellis Craig is again supporting us in 2018 through our community partnership programme for which we thank them. Please support our community partner by contacting them if you are buying or selling property.

Phone John Morrisby 0411 875 476


If you, or your business would like to become more involved with the Stonnington Toy Library through volunteering or sponsorship, no matter how large or small, please get in contact with us. 


Membership Responsibilities

Roster Duty


During each 12 month membership period, each family is required to work for four hours of roster duty or else pay a roster levy.


We prefer members to do the duty rather than pay the levy because it is an activity that integrates our members into the community.


Roster duty basically involves helping staff the returns and loans desk during our borrowing hours. 


If you decide not to complete roster duty you can pay a roster levy of $80 for the year (or $20 per hour).




Members are also obliged to raise a minimum of $30 by participating in fundraising activities. These activities could include making goods for our annual cake stall in March or selling raffle tickets later in the year.


If you decide not to participate in fundraising activities, you can pay a fundraising levy of $30 for the year.


Ownership & Management


We are a not-for-profit incorporated association, owned by the members. The membership elects a voluntary Committee of Management annually.


It is the role of the Committee to manage the Toy Library's resources, set policy and provide future direction for the Toy Library. It also supports and assists the Toy Library Manager, Jane O'Connell, who in turn is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Toy Library.


Jane is supported by part time staff members, Lee Francis and Megan Edlich, plus a team of dedicated volunteers.




Extra volunteering is welcome!  Much of our work is carried out by members, who generously contribute more than their required hours of duty or more specialised tasks, which is always appreciated.


If you would like to, or you know someone who would like to volunteer with the Toy Library, please speak to Jane.  


Party Toys


For an extra weekly loan fee, large party toys may be reserved for loan on dates of your choice (eg, for a party or friends visiting).


There is no restriction on the number of items or the frequency of borrowing of these items.  Party toys are however available for members only.


Members - please logon via your member logon to see photos and reserve these items or ask staff for assistance in booking them.


Borrowing Hours:

Thursday - 9am to 12 pm

Friday  - 9am-12pm & 1pm-3pm

Saturday - 9am to 1pm